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BloomBloom is a startup. In 2015 they came to us with just an idea to be a startup that helps other startups really start up. The basic idea was to help the many startups coming up in India connect with capital, mentorship, networking et al. It was just an idea without anything concrete. So, it threw a good challenge at us as we had to build this basic idea into something that would inspire the startup ecosystem and build aspirations for many would-be entrepreneurs. BloomBloom flowered to partner with Federal Bank to create their Launchpad.

One Idea | Bloombloom
One Idea | Bloombloom | Startup
One Idea | Bloombloom | Social Innovation
One Idea | Bloombloom | Start up
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Identity Design

The brand name was done as a part of the strategy. The brand identity too evolved from the strategic perspective. The logo was placed in white in a band of stripes in different colours. It was a call for the entrepreneurs to win their stripes. The stripes were to become ‘the call for action’ and it comprised of young and new colours. Geometric typeface was used to create the brand identity. The identity was kept very minimalistic and simple to communicate the ease of doing business with the brand. No particular logo element was created as it was primarily for the young and educated.

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One Idea | Bloombloom | Website Design