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Powerlink as a builder is a seasoned builder in the capital city of Kerala and the name has been familiar in this region for almost two decades. In 2015, Powerlink got into restructuring its business and at the same time they engaged us to check whether the re-positioning of its brand was required. One Idea recommended a drastic change in its brand associations to help the brand converse with fast changing consumer mindset which in turn was impacting the home buying pattern in this part of the world.

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Identity Design

The rebranding was focused on Powerlink’s new strategy to bring in ‘Safety’ as a platform to lead the industry into a new direction. So, the brand design and communication revolved around bringing in associations to celebrate the need for focusing Safety as the first element to look for while buying homes. One Idea then started off creating new imageries of safety. A pyramid, the most stable design form was placed in a circle to be the graphical starting point for the brand. The brand identity typefaces also implied a connection to ‘Power’ and ‘Link’. The new sans serif type placed the brand in the contemporary world with an eye on the future. Safety became a new direction while selecting images and in the placement of key brand elements. Red, black and white were incorporated as the new brand colours.

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One Idea | Powerlink | Facebook
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